What We Believe as Free Methodists

The following are the core beliefs of Vine and Branch Church, 
a Free Methodist Congregation.  
Each of these core belefs are based on the foundational truths taught in 

the Word of God, the Bible.

Overview of the Statements of Faith of the Free Methodist Church

Regards to GOD
We believe in One Living God in three Persons:  the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Regards to The SCRIPTURES
We believe in the authority of God’s Word over our lives.

Regards to HUMANKIND
We believe humankind are created in the image of God as free moral persons.

Regards to SALVATION
We believe that new life in Christ free from the guilt and penalty of sin, is given to all who believe.

Regards to The CHURCH
We believe in The Church:  The people of God, who exist to fulfill the purposes of God in Christ.

Regards to LAST THINGS
We believe in the Kingdom of God established now in the hearts of Believers, the return of Christ, at a time chosen by the Father,
and our hope in the resurrection and eternal glory.

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