Sunday, January 20 @ 6:30 a.m.

Sunday School AND Worship Service are cancelled due to the inclement weather.

We are so glad that you that you have found Vine and Branch Church!

We are a Bible-based church. We believe that the Bible is God’s word. We believe that the Bible is the Truth. It is as true today as when the words were originally recorded.

We believe in One God who exists as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We believe  that Jesus Christ is our Savior and Lord. Through Jesus sacrifice on the cross our sins are forgiven and we are saved. We believe this is the ONLY way to Heave.

Please come to a service or contact our Pastors for more information.

We know that you will feel welcome.

What to Wear

Dress for services at the church is causal. Most men wear casual pants with a dress shirt. Ties are certainly not mandatory but there have been sightings. Jeans with a t-shirt can be spotted at times. Women may wear a skirt and blouse, dresses or pants and an appropriate top. Chances are that whatever you wear you will feel comfortable with us.


At some point in the service an offering plate will be passed around. Although we will not refuse your offering, this collection is primarily so that members can contribute their tithes and offerings to God.

Our Worship Service


Following the principle of “simple worship” the Order of Worship is easy to follow. We project much of the service including the words to the songs and the sermon highlights at the front of the church. Our music is a mixture of favorite hymns, gospel songs and contemporary Christian music. We have several talented musicians who perform musical pieces to Praise God! In keeping with the “free” in Free Methodist most forms of worship are acceptable. Some worshipers will raise their hands to God while other may utter a “Hallelujah”. The prayer benches in the front of the church are always open.

There is a staffed nursery available during the service. Older children may attend church with their parents for the entire service or they may leave to go to Children’s Church.

The Order of Worship below is typical for Sunday but may vary on holidays or other special days. Communion is usually served on the first Sunday of the month.

… Enter to Worship

Prelude and Greeting

Call To Worship

Worship through Song

Corporate Prayer

Children’s Message

Children dismissed to Children’s Church

Worship Through the Word

Scripture Reading


Worship Through the Giving of Tithes and Offerings

Worship through Song



How to Get to Us

Use the google map below to get directions from where you are to where we are. Our physical address is:

2535 State Route 52
Liberty, NY 12754