Great Resources for Family Devotions

The D6 Family
Install this app from the app store on your smartphone or go to the D6 Family website here.  This is an excellent app with different types of family devotionals. One example is the “Splinks” or spiritual links to your kids. These use real-world issues to teach spiritual lessons. They are fun and take very little preparation.

Best Kids Bible: Laugh and Learn Bible for Kids by Phil Vischer
The Gospel in 52 five-minute Bible stories. Explore the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and spark faith-building conversations as you connect the dots between your favorite Bible stories and God’s good news. This is available on Amazon.

Video Resources

LifeWay Kids
Click here to set up an account. LifeWay Kids has released free resources for families including lesson videos, activity pages, and conversation starters. The link provides the steps to gain access. It is free but it does require you to create an account but does not require any payment information. Once you have created your account the resources . The videos are at the bottom of the page and the activity pages are under downloads on the right-hand side.

Minno has released free videos for families to conduct Sunday School at home that can be found here. There are worship songs for each age group, Bible videos, and devotionals. Minno also has 20-second Bible verses to say while washing your hands located here.

Mr. Phil TV
Click here for a free six-week trial of the new digital library from Phil Vischer, the creator of VeggieTales. Get free access to the full library including What’s in the Bible, the Mr. Phil Show, and Family Bible Studies. To gain access you must sign up for a plan which includes payment information. You use the code FamilyLife to get six weeks free. You may cancel before the end of the trial to avoid any charges.

Skit Guys Studios
The website here includes free Bedtime Bible Stories each night. The Skit Guys, Tommy, and Eddie use humor to tell Bible stories. Each night they share a Bible story with you, make you laugh, and point you to the hope we find in Jesus.

Thank you to Katie Martin for providing these resources.