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Sunday schoolKids and Teens

Classes for Pre K – Adults – Come as a Family !

before church starting at 9:00 a.m.

Knowing and applying the Word of God in our lives is one of the most important priorities we can make, so mark your calendars and commit to attending.

Classes for Everyone !


3 & 4 yr olds  (Shari Dowe)

K – 2nd grade (Ashley Rielly and Carol Liciaga)

3rd – 5th grade (Robbi Philips)

6th – 8th grade (Jr. High) (Kate DeMayo and Katie Martin)

9th – 12th (Sr High) Dave Philips and Ashley Reilly)




Led by Robin Sostak and Ralph Bressler

Topics and studies will vary and are often supplemented with videos and almost always accompanied by PowerPoint presentations and printed notes and questions. More information and materials can be found here including the Powerpoint slides in PDF format and the notes and questions for that session.

The Book of MArk   (with Pastor Robin and Ralph Bressler)

A in-depth study of the “first” Gospel in which Mark present Jesus as the suffering servant. The Gospel is written as a mystery asking the question “Who is this Jesus?” The answer unfoldsthroughout the chapters until it is fully answered.