“Let us go to His dwelling place, let us worship at His footstool.     Psalm 132:7

Dear VBC Family,

We hope you will join us this Sunday to “Worship at His footstool.”

This week Pastor Ed will encourage everyone to “Quench Your Thirst” as we study John Chapter 7.

Prayer Needed:

From Frank DeMayo:  Please pray for a friend of a friend – her name is Diane and she lives in Dallas.  She was ill, got taken to the hospital, and was immediately intubated.  She is in intensive care with a severe case of Covid 19. She has had a steady 104 temp that they are having difficulty getting under control. Please pray for healing, comfort, and recovery.  

SAFETY:  Everyone should adhere to the following safety procedures:

  1. If you feel ill please stay home until you feel better.
  2. Please wear a mask into the church and keep it on as you move about the church ND come in contact with others. once you are seated, you may remove your mask.
  3. Our ushers will seat you in an area that is physically distanced from others to meet safety requirements.
  4. Please bring a “fun” bag for the kids as there will not be Children’s Church or nursery.
  5. Please refrain from any contact with others.

Thank you for your cooperation!


We are excited to have a baptism service on Sunday, July 19, at the 10:30 a.m. Service. If you wish to be included, contact Pastor Robin.

New Ladies Connection Group:

Erin Wingert is hosting a new small group on Wednesday nights using the book  In the Middle of the Mess – Strength for this Beautiful, Broken Life by Sheila Walsh.  Call Erin at 292-1441 for more info.


Join us for prayer on Thursday mornings at 7:30 am on Zoom. Here’s the link:    https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89615738622

Please connect with us via the online Connection Card available on our website (vineandbranchchurch.org) or the Church Center App.

We would love to hear how you are doing !  You can also share any needs, prayer requests, or a spiritual decision you made.

Adult Bible Study:

Pastor Robin and Kelly R. are leading the “Signs of the Times” study on Sunday mornings.

Note:  We will no longer be meeting via Zoom on Sunday nights.  Feel free to call Pastor Robin with any questions.

1. Please let us know if we can help you in any way. Contact us if you need groceries, help with shopping or have prayer needs.
2. Kids don’t forget to join Katie on Facebook LIVE Monday through Friday at 9:30 am for her Daily Bible moments.
3. Start or join a Discovery Bible Study.

A Discovery Bible Study is a simple study that requires no preparation. It can be used to empower small groups and families to have their own time of Bible study together. It is also a great way to connect with someone outside the VBC Family.

The essence of this Bible study approach is to read a passage of Scripture together, and then reflect on four questions

  1. What do these verses say about God?
  2. What do these verses say about people?
  3. What should I start or stop doing in response to the text?
  4. Who is someone I will share these discoveries with this week?

The next Together Family Conference online event will be held on Sunday, June 21, at 7 pm

The Lifetouch Picture Directory photograph sessions have been re-scheduled. Family pictures will be taken on September 23 and September 24 from 2-9 pm.

Continue to pray for all those who are sick and suffering from the Covid19 virus.
Continue to pray for those whose livelihoods have been affected by the many restrictions imposed on them.
Reach out to someone in the VBC Family to check on them, offer encouragement, and ask if they need anything.
Reach out to a neighbor, co-worker, or friend, and give them hope through Jesus.
Get connected in one of our online groups and join us on Sunday so we can worship Jesus together.

Our God is so worthy of our praise!

Join us on Sunday as we gather together to fulfill our mission to “Love God, love others, and make disciples…” in Jesus’ name.

Love you all. You are such a blessing!

Ed and Robin