Guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Savior, and my HOPE is in you all day long.  (Psalm 25:5)

Dear VBC Family –

We MISS YOU ALL !!!  Hope to see you SUNDAY !!

Welcome to the Season of Advent !!    Let’s all join TOGETHER this SUNDAY to WORSHIP the ONE Who WAS, 

The One Who IS, and The One Who is to COME !!

This week Pastor Robin will share about the PROMISE of HOPE we have in JESUS !!

We are excited to have the The Philips Family light the Advent candle this week, as well as Celebrate the Lord’s Supper !!

PARENTS !!!  We will be having a Children’s Christmas Program on Dec. 22nd at the 10:30 Service.  

Please have your children here for Sunday School the next two weeks for practice.

COME and JOIN in the Fellowship of Believers as we raise up the ONE worthy of our PRAISE !!



The Miracle of Jesus program is happening on DECEMBER 14th !! (2-4pm)

Here’s how you can HELP:

  1. We need YOU to INVITE PEOPLE!!!  (There is an invitation attached below that you can save and send 🙂
  2. We need LOTS of COOKIES for the refreshments after the program !!!

****  For all of you who volunteered to help – THANK YOU SO  MUCH !!    PICK OUT a COSTUME in the coat closet 🙂

The 2020 Nomination Forms are due back.  There is a box on the back table for completed forms.

THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who is participating in the ANGEL TREE Ministry gifts !!!   We are so excited to partner with them for

      the first time – and for the opportunity to Bless children right here in our local communities.   Any questions see Jackie Oliver  🙂

     ALL GIFTS are DUE on Sunday, December 8th.

Other Exciting Happenings at VBC  !!

Dec. 14         2:00-4:00pm   The Miracle of Jesus !  A Christmas Event for the whole family !!

December 24 – Christmas Eve Candle-lighting Service at 7pm.

Jan. 9 – 10    Men’s Retreat at Spruce Lake Retreat Center.


Note to ALL Sunday Ministry Team members:  The MASTER SCHEDULE is now posted on the 1st BULLETIN BOARD in the hallway.  

Be sure to look and note your upcoming service dates.

  1. If you are not available on the date listed, please switch with someone ahead of time so this important ministry position can be filled. 
  2. If you switched or have been notified of a change by the ministry leader, please follow their schedule as this one may not reflect the most current changes.

Our God is SO WORTHY of our PRAISE !!

See you all on Sunday as we gather together to fulfill our MISSION to “LOVE GOD, LOVE OTHERS, and MAKE DISCIPLES …” in Jesus Name !!

Love you ALL – 

YOU are such a BLESSING !!

Ed and Robin