Dear VBC Family –

We MISS YOU ALL !!  (Feels like we’ve been away for a long time !)

This week Pastor Ed will talk about this RACE we’re in called CHRISTIANITY – and what it will take to make it to the FINISH LINE !!

Remember – there will NOT be regular Sunday School this Sunday.

We will have our ANNUAL SOCIETY MEETING this Sunday at 9am in the Sanctuary – and there will be a special kid’s activity in the Fellowship Hall so parents and teachers can attend the Annual Meeting.

ALL are welcome to attend this annual meeting, however only those who are members of VBC are allowed to cast a vote during the meeting.

We hope you will join with your VBC Family for a CELEBRATION LUNCHEON immediately following the Worship Service to celebrate all God has done through the ministry of VBC throughout this past year.

Sure hope you’ll join us this week to WORSHIP the only One WORTHY of ALL PRAISE !!



Update from Robbi P.:  Just an update on my sister, Tabitha.  They inserted a chest tube again.  She has been in a great deal of pain.  She is emotionally exhausted. Please pray for a complete healing.  Thank you.

Please pray for Kate Demayo’s son Caleb who had a surgical procedure this week.  Pray that God takes away all his discomfort and gives him a very speedy recovery.

Please pray for the MANY families fighting the sickness, as well as for all those in our VBC Family still recovering from recent surgery, getting through PT, and needing a complete restoration.


Save these Dates !

Feb. 9th – SCPSC DESSERT Fundraiser at VBC at 7pm

Feb. 16th – Ladies SWEETHEART LUNCHEON at 12:00 at VBC (see bulletin/sign up this week)

Feb. 19 – Leadership Series Part 2 – 6:30 – 8:15.

April 26-28 – Acts 12:24 Conference FMC Women’s Retreat at Spruce Lake Retreat Center


Please remember our FOOD PANTRY when you head to the store this week for the great CAN, CAN sale !!  We hope to get our pantry FULLY STOCKED for the winter with peanut butter, jelly, cereal, soup, mac/cheese, spaghetti, sauces, tuna, canned fruit, juice, canned vegetables, canned ravioli, spaghetti O’s …    THANK YOU for loving others in this way !!


It’s WINTER and there are MANY in our community without warm coats, hats, gloves, boots ….

Please take a moment to clean out a closet or two and bring these items with you to church so we can distribute them LOCALLY.

Just place them in the back of the Sanctuary near the Giving Tree 🙂   THANK YOU !!


Our God is SO WORTHY of our PRAISE !!

See you all on Sunday as we gather together to LOVE GOD, LOVE OTHERS, and MAKE DISCIPLES in Jesus Name !!

Love you ALL – 

YOU are such a BLESSING !!

Ed and Robin