Dear VBC Family –

Hope you’ll join us this Sunday for DIAKONEO DAY 2018 !!  We will begin by WORSHIPING the LORD who is worthy of all PRAISE – then head out and LOVE OTHERS through serving.  Pastor Ed will continue our study of Paul’s 1st Letter to the Thessalonians – sharing “From The HEART”  as we dig into chapter 3 of I Thessalonians.

Hope to see you all on Sunday as we gather together to WORSHIP Him who is WORTHY !!


Worship at 9:00am (no Sunday School)

Diakoneo Day 10:00 – 12:15

Lunch served at 12:30

***  See BELOW for your assignment.  If you don’t see your name email us and we will place you.

Wear OUTDOOR clothes, bring work gloves – and if you have any of the TOOLS listed please bring them  🙂

2018 Diakoneo Day

Projects and Teams


Project # 1  – Swan Lake

(Weedwacking, general cleanup)

Need:  Weedwackers (maybe more than one), gloves, weeding tools

Leader:  Frank DeMayo

John Blauvelt

Blue Sparks

Bob Curry

Carol Liciago

Kathy Jennings

Project # 2  – Liberty

(Weedwacking, gardening, house organizing, minor repairs)

Need:  Weed wacker, gloves, gardening tools, general carpentry tools

Leader:  Ricky Nichols

Evelyn Raymond

Nancy Marks

Ricky Martin

Jane Senor

Nancy DeVault

Project # 3 – Liberty

(Cutting and Stacking wood )

Need:  Gloves

Leader – Cory Turner

Dwayne Turner

Zach Turner

Ralph Bressler

Shane Weed

Project # 4  – Liberty

(Removal of air conditioners, putting glass in storm doors, yard work)

Need:  Gloves, rakes, (muscles)

Leader – Rita DeMayo

Kathy and Mark Markowski

Cindy Bressler

Claudio Lubrano

Joan Patterson

Project # 5  – Liberty

(Yard work, trim hedges, move stacked logs, mow lawn)

Need:  Lawn mower, hedge trimmer, wear boots, gloves.

Leader – Tom Nolan

Dean Davis

Ison Patterson

Project # 6 Baking Blessings !  (@ VBC)

(Making cookie platters to Bless Liberty PD, NYS Police, Teachers …)

Leader – Marion Nichols

Christy Mann

Delcye Kelz

Barbara Edwards

Deb Marvel

Diane Strysko

Erin Wingert

Project # 7  – Liberty

(Trim hedges, yard work)

Need:  Hedge Trimmers, gloves

Leader – Tom Nolan

Dean Davis

Ison Patterson

Project # 8   Hanofee Park and Walnut Mtn. Park

(Clean trails, pick-up garbage, distribute painted rocks)

Need:  Gloves, garbage bags

Leader – Kate DeMayo

Dave Phillips

Robbie Phillips

Caleb Phillips

Savannah Weed

Max Turner

Children:  Rebecca and Dave Philips, Evelyn Allison, Luke Turner, Seth Freeman, Patrick Allison, Myles Mann, Caleb Reed, Steven and Ben DeVault


Love you ALL – 

YOU are such a BLESSING !!

Ed and Robin