Dear VBC Family – 
WOW – what an incredible PASSION WEEK we had last week !!!
THANK YOU to all who participated, and all those who helped make it so wonderful !  To God be the Glory !
This week Pastor Ed will speak about the POST-RESSURECTION appearance of Jesus to his Disciples and to the one Disciple who get’s the bad rap of being known as “Doubting Thomas !”   Feel free to bring YOUR OWN DOUBTS this week – and we’ll TRUST JESUS to meet YOU just as He did Thomas.
We will also have the honor of CELEBRATING the LORD’S SUPPER this week.
SUNDAY SCHOOL for ALL AGES continues at 9:00am.  
ADULTS:  We will continue the EPIC of EDEN Study of RUTH this week !!!  You won’t want to miss this !!
Join us for this VERY SPECIAL NIGHT of MUSIC !!
We’re EXCITED to announce that on MONDAY, May 7th we will be hosting the RWC (Robert’s Wesleyan College) Chorale for a 7:30pm concert !  
The RWC Chorale consists of 38 extremely gifted singers who will share a wonderful variety of musical genres with us.  
And there’s EVEN MORE – YOU “GET TO” TAKE TWO (or more) students home with you after the concert !!!  
(Yes, HELP !! – we do need to house them for the evening following the concert – and return them for breakfast at VBC.  All you need to provide is a bed and shower  🙂  PLEASE SIGN UP THIS SUNDAY as we need to have all the housing information to the college SOON.  (or feel free to email me with the number of students you can house – your preference of boys/girls – and if you have an pets – and I’ll add you to the list  🙂
Love you ALL – 
Ed and Robin