On Sunday, May 7, the members of the missionary team that went to Kenya presented a video and discussed of their trip during the Sunday School hour. Ben Dowe wrapped in a traditional Kenyan blanket described some of the highlights of the trip and narrated the 50 minute video with the help of Pastors Ed and Robin Sostak. Grace Dowe, who was also a member of the mission tea, served a traditional Kenyan tea. The tea served to those who attended the presentation included tea given to the tea by their Kenyan host. To accompany the tea the group sampled two “pastries” that often are served with tea. After the video, there was a short question and answer period. The Vina and Branch Church thanks Pastors Ed ad Robin Sostak and Ben and Grace Dowe for helping to spread the Good News to those hungry to hear it. The video above was produced by Grace, Sarah and Molly Dowe from pictures and videos taken during the trip. The video and the comments by the team make it clear that the people they visited in Kenyan may be poor by the standards of the World but are rich in spiritual terms and hunger of the Word of God.